Heyrex Starter Pack

Heyrex Starter Pack

Heyrex gives you peace of mind by staying in touch with your pet wherever you are. Heyrex captures your dog's behaviour 24/7 and reports online.

More details

  • Requires monthly user fee of $9.95

US $149.95

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One Subscription plan

12 month Contract

  • 12 month minimum term
  • $9.95 per month payable in addition to your hardware purchase


Easy to use

  • Heyrex is simple, reliable and takes just a few minutes to set up
  • Register your details and your dogs details
  • Connect the Heyrex receiver to your broadband router
  • Set up the monitor and attach it to your dog's collar
  • Start monitoring your dog's behaviour


How it works 

  • The Heyrex monitor collects information about your dog
  • The receiver sends this information to our servers via the internet
  • Our servers analyse your dog's information and feed it back to you
  • You can log on to see your dog's information at any time from anywhere


What it does

  • Heyrex keeps an eye on your dog even when you're not there
  • It tracks and informs you of your dog's activities throughout the day
  • It builds a long term picture of your dog's behaviour
  • You'll even receive notifications of marked changes in your dog's activity



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